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This needs to be said.


Jongup should be a model. He has the facial features for it. Too bad Korea doesn’t appreciate his beauty.

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B.A.P + funny glasses

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I may not be a Ladies’ Code fan, but my condolences go out to the other members involved in the accident, EunBi’s family, her friends, and the Ladies’ Code fandom. May the driver and EunBi rest in peace, and may the rest of Ladies’ Code have a quick, full recovery. 

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[TRANS] 140902 KpopStarz Interview - “Excuse Me”

── Let’s start with the reason for choosing “Excuse Me” as your 4th single. In the album “Badman”, “Badman” was the title song, so this song choice is a surprise.

YJ: “Excuse Me” is a song that we’ve showcased on stage in Japan many times, and since many Japanese fans seemed to like it, we chose it.

◆So the deciding factor were the Japanese fans?

YJ: Yes

◆What sides of B.A.P do each of the three songs included in the single showcase?

DH: For “Excuse Me”, let’s see… It’s quite B.A.P-like and fun, and is a piece that’s filled with confidence. For “Coffee Shop”, it’s a song where you can see another different side to B.A.P, and the song called “Zero” has quite a B.A.P feel to it and is a song filled with hope. I think you can listen and relax to the three songs with a natural feel.

◆Within these three sings recorded, please tell us any Japanese expressions that you’ve learnt.

DH: Please wait a moment.

YG: “♪ O’re no jingi” (♪ My moral code!) (laughs)

DH: I think it’s the first time for me to use this phrase, but it’s “tokeru hodo” (enough to melt). It’s the first time for me to use it…. There are these lyrics, “yami ga tokeruhodo~ ♪” (enough to melt the darkness~ ♪), and whilst I’ve heard of “yami” (darkness) before, I think it’s the first time for me to use “tokeru hodo” (enough to melt).

ZL: I also learnt “tokeru hodo” for the first time.

JU: It’s “tokeru hodo” for me as well (laughs)

Well then, your precious single “No Mercy” achieved 2nd place on the Oricon charts!

All: Yay! (claps)

◆It seems after coming so far, your goals are to be 1st on the Oricon charts, an arena tour and then a dome tour right?

HC: Of course I think getting first and [performing at] Tokyo Dome is good, but I’ll be happy if many people listen to our music.

ZL: (grins)

── After their interview (from above), they went around London, Paris and such before their Japan tour. Were there any memorable episodes?

JU: Previously the European fans supported us like they were at a soccer match. And the fans coming together as one to support us was memorable.

HC: You’re talking about Paris right? ♪Ohh ohh ohh, ohh oh!

JU: Yes, Paris.

◆Fans were very excited when you came down the stage during the Japan tour, please tell us your thoughts!

YJ: They were quite passionate. I thought that we were very loved.

DH: There might be surprises like this in the future (laughs)

YG: Maybe

HC: Those sort of events are a secret right!

All: (In Japanese) A secret!

◆How do you feel now after “Live On Earth” has completed?

DH: I guess the biggest thing is regret. We toured around multiple countries and met many fans, but it was regretful since we wanted to hold more concerts. That’s the most forefront thought I think.

YJ: Thoughts about holding a tour again soon to meet fans across the globe came to me.

HC: I really want to see them again!

JU: I want to see them soon too.

ZL: Pali pali! (“quickly quickly” in Korean).

◆By the way, does everyone like their own “voice”? What do you think about your own “voice”?

YJ: Yes I like it a lot.

Youngjae-san when around did your voice break?

YJ: For me it was around my high school days. Sometime between my middle and high school time.

ZL: It was first year high school for me! And then my voice stabilised really quickly (laughs). It was a confusing period. It’s around three years ago. So I think my voice broke until “BANG&ZELO” promotions.

JU: I’m not sure if my voice ever broke. Since I don’t talk that much (laughs). I didn’t mind too much and it seemed like it changed naturally, so I don’t really know when it really broke.

YG: Ever since I was born my voice was like this (laughs). Something like, a deep voice ever since I came out from my mother’s womb?

YJ: Eh!? (laughs)

── B.A.P has been praised for their sense of style in clothes and individual quirks, please teach us some fashion pointers in summer airport fashion.

All: (looks towards Himchan)

HC: Me? (laughs) Ok, I’m the fashion icon. I am fashion! I am fashion and fashion is me! (laughs)

All: Ahahahaha (laughs)

YJ: He’s handsome so anything he wears will suit him~

HC: No matter what clothes I wear will emphasise my ikemen face, so if there’s a tshirt I want to wear I’ll go from there, and if there’re pants I want to wear I’ll choose from that.

◆So, how are the fashion styles of your members to you, the fashion icon?

HC: Each member has their original style and I think that’s good. In Youngjae’s case, he has a simple feel. He really likes grey. For Jongup, there are times where it’s difficult to understand, but still he has unique items that he likes. He’s one who suits rather flashy things. Yongguk too, has a pretty simple style and goes well with black. With Zelo, he’s one who suits a individualistic style. And then Daehyun’s style… I’m not too sure (laughs).

ZL: Daehyun-san’s style is fundamentally simple, but I think his speciality is that there are times where he uses colours and designs as a plus alpha to focus things into one point. And recently he’s gotten really cute! Right! (grins)

All: (Uh huh, nod nod nod nod)

◆Now we have questions gathered globally from oversea fans. “Is there any plan for BANG&ZELO to make a comeback? I want to see a Daehyun-Youngjae unit too.” (LA)

ZL: Thank you very much. However there are no plans for “BANG&ZELO” for the future. “BANG&ZELO” activities were held when was when I was still a student so we went with a “student” theme to strike a chord with many people. It may not be now, but when I grow a little older and if there’s a chance for a BANG&ZELO comeback, I would like to make a song that would resonate with people at my later-age.

YJ: Daehyun-Youngjae you say? (laughs) I think B.A.P activities are the most important right now so there are no plans for that.

◆“To the worldwide stars B.A.P, what do you thinks the reason for your international popularity is?” (London)

HC: Since we have music and performances that highlight our masculinity, so I guess our powerful performances has taken the hearts of many fans.

◆“Who do you think has grown the most since debut?” (Italy)

HC: All the members have grown and matured, but I guess Zelo has grown quite a bit! Since we’ve seen him from a young age, we’ve seen his height grow and his humanity mature as well.

ZL: I’m not too sure even myself if I’m still growing taller, but when I went to Brazil I took an immunisation shot, and when I measured my height I was surprised that I had grown taller (laughs).

To Bang Yongguk, “What do you think about your lyrics and charitable intentions reaching the hearts of fans around the world?” (Poland)

YG: I am always very thankful. Not only to our fans, but to the many people who are hurt, I’ll be happy if B.A.P’s music will become your pillar.

◆“If B.A.P were to act, what dramas or movies would you like to be in? (Poland)

HC: A movie with B.A.P as the lead. Something like the six of us enjoying our youth. Something with that feel. A movie where we continue to grow right?

◆This time, of the places we received the most questions was from Poland, do you have any reason why?

All: We’ve never been there before.

YJ: Ah, but when we went to hold a concert in America we met some of them at a shop. We received many letters from fans who said “we were told by Polish fans to give these to you”. We haven’t been to Poland before but we can feel the love from everyone.

DH: (In Japanese) Exactly! (grins)

◆The next question is from Poland as well. “Are there any good luck charms or special customs that you have during concerts? (Poland)

DH: Before we go on stage and when the LED lights come on, I make a prayer just before I step on stage. It’s not to any god or religion, but something like “I pray for today’s performance to be successful” or if there’s something big; “please let everything will go well”. And after I step on stage, I will feel satisfied when the performance is over.

◆“What do you do for days where nothing seems to go right? What do you do to change the mood?” (UK)

YJ: For me, if something goes wrong I just leave it and search for things I should be able to do and challenge that. That way, I can attain courage and regain my confidence.

JU: When things don’t go well for me, for example when things are right up to my neck, I will exercise and go move my body around. Doing that will help my mood.

HC: (To Jongup) Doing that, you’re like the protagonist in “Slam Dunk” (laughs).

JU: Aha (laughs).

◆And finally, a message to B.A.P fans all around the world.

HC: (looks at Bang Yongguk)

YG: Himchan you can do the sum up.

HC: For the sake of the fans who are always waiting for our concerts and for us, we’ll go to you whenever and it’ll be good if we could hold even better concerts from now on. Let’s make nice memories. I love you!

Source: KpopStarz 1 2 3 4

Trans: cassie_babyz

Please take out with full credits

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Jongup, don’t you know what dinosaurs are ?

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I remember when I was a kid watching Digimon and saw Patamon do this


I was like


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The audio clip from the last part of Keys To The Kingdom was originally the kid screaming the line from Frozen

The audio clip from the last part of Keys To The Kingdom was originally the kid screaming the line from Frozen

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I made a thing.

I made a thing.

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Whoever said/edited this, lemme give you a bunch of cookies and candyTnT

Whoever said/edited this, lemme give you a bunch of cookies and candy

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There is something about Jongup that makes people feel relaxed - HC

There is something about Jongup that makes people feel relaxed - HC

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Manly Moon Jongup.

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I am so fucked

— me before and after every exam  (via unrisked)
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jung daehyun…

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